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BMW Headinit upgrade and Navigation retrofit

BMW replacement headunit bmw tv in motion

BMW Headunit replacement

BMW stereo upgradeFinally after years of developement. We are proud to announce that the full plug and play retrofit is here!

Many of our customers with iBus BMW's have been requesting the usual retrofits that are popular such as



Of course we have always ensured that you get the right kit for your cars and helped our customers get the best deals possible on any OEM or third-party kit for their project. But as we all know even with using Second hand used BMW parts to retrofit a navigation system. You really are looking at the best part of £1000.00 plus a whole lot of fitting and coding.

Being the first Company in the UK to sucessfully integrate a PC into our Demo car E38 that was controlled via all OEM controls. It got us thinking, why can't we have a headunit that fully replaces any BMW headunit, and give you all the extra features without loosing and OEM functions.

The results are jaw dropping! Put simply buy the germans this is true "Preis leistungsverh�ltnis"

Meaning it offers great price quality and performance ratio!!!

There are currently two versions of the headunit available to match the current OEM headunit versions. meaning your installation will have the look and feel of any BMW headunit

Headunit Repacement Specification
  • No Loss of OEM functions
  • Completely plug and play
  • Speed camera alert or PDC function if required
  • No loss of OEM 6/10 Disc changer
  • Digital TV integration
  • steering wheel control
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • iPOD MP3,MP4,connectivity
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (for BMW's with prefitted option)
  • DVD playback (DVD,VCD,CD,MP3,MPEG4,CD-R,WMA)
  • Navigation support (we pre load the maps for you!)

BMW replacement head unit Type 1 BMW replacement head unit Type 2
Bmw headunit e46 Bmw headunit x5 e39 e38
suitable for : BMW e46 3series Models

suitable for : BMW e39 5series
BMW e38 7series
BMW e53 X5

What about my BMW AC controls I dont want to loose them?

This unit is coded to fully integrate with your car, ( when ordering please send us your VIN number )
Once you install this unit it will allow you to control all the OEM functions like Aircon and heading controls via the touch screen.

Whats involved in the installation?

Unlike The OEM retrofit everything you need it in the headunit. So all you need to do is remove your OEM unit and replace it with your new all in one Touch screen system. This is Plug and play so you'll save alot of time money and stress over any other retrofit available on the market. Note: for functions like TV you will need to install aerials into your car or connect up your OEM TV Aerials.

How does our kit compare to other solutions :

Ok how does this solution compete in the market, first off the functions you'll get include :

  • speed camera alert or PDC function if required
  • No loss of OEM 6/10 Disc changer
  • sub output,(aftermarket or orginal)
  • Digital TV integration ( U.S. Guys don't worry we have ATSC covered too)
  • steering wheel control
  • Bluetooth connectivity (supporting music playback, phonebook access,call sending and receiving)
  • iPOD MP3,MP4,connectivity
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (for BMW's with prefitted option)
  • DVD playback (DVD,VCD,CD,MP3,MPEG4,CD-R,WMA)
  • Built-in FM/AM Radio
  • Navigation support (we pre load the maps for you!)
  • TMC integration (for BMW's with prefitted option)
Multi Language support : English,German,French,Spanish,Dutch,Hungarian,Czech,Danish, Norwegian,Swedish,Portuguese,Italian,Finland,Roumania,Greek,Russian,Poland

BMW Navigation Demo Video

Due to the Mountains of emails I've put together the following video to show off the Nav that comes preloaded with the headunit (can easily updated for newer versions). As you can see it is a vast improvement on our current OEM mk3/4 units! It is touch screen controllable too! I don't know about you but spinning the control knob to type in streets on the OEM unit was getting a bit tedious

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BMW OEM RETROFIT Aftermarket BMW Solutions Our BMW Headunit Solution
Parts: BMW Navigation system retrofit

Parts: Ok you would need several parts

Speedcamera detector/Navigation
iPod integration unit
DVD player
Monitor and bezel

Parts: Our Head unit
Pros: OEM solution, 1 year BMW GB Warranty. Plug and play solution
Pros: Degree of integration.
Pros: plug and play, Complete OEM look and quality best function/ integration available on the market. Full UK 1 year warranty.
Cons: Price, several modern day options unavailable, no speed camera's alert no DVD playback no touch screen. installation time Cons: multiple parts to install varied quality. doesn't look like OEM. Cost adds up Cons : If your reading this you haven't got one yet!
£2000.00 new Approx £7-800.00 (new/used) £498.99


Our Price : £498.99


To be one of the first to buy on launch:



Customers with E46 cars with the new 40-Pin connector on the headunit please add £30.00 for a Plug&Play adaptor.

We have a limited supply of these headunits available due to high demand, please Join the BMW Headunit Mailing list for the latest News / FAQ and how to preorder yours now.

No funds are taken until we ship your unit.

When ordering please supply your VIN number and head unit Connector details, if your unsure of your headunit conector just send us a pic of the connector and we will sort it out.

bmw tv in motion

bmw reversing camera retrofit kits

Frequently asked questions

Q. Does the unit display phone book details / caller I'd etc like the factory system?

Just like the OEM system It is down to the mobile phone 's bluetooth
integration options, but with phones that offer full integration with bluetooth
systems, you can access your phone book.
Q. Does the unit have answer/reject buttons to control the phone as my BMW
steering wheel does not have these?

A. This unit has a touch screen that can be used to answer/reject calls,
all functions can be controlled by the head unit in cases where your
steering wheel has no controls,

Q. Can the digital TV module be controlled by
the unit or the steering wheel?

A. You can control it either by the touch
screen or via steering functions.

Q. Does the unit have a clock/date/trip or computer AC control functions?

A. This unit does not loose any OEM functions.

Q. Is the navigation system the same as the factory one, just loaded onto
the unit, and does it have Australian maps?

A. The unit comes with IGo 8 Maps. We supply the unit with UK maps pre loaded. All other maps are available for other countries ( As you can see it's a bit more advance than the OEM Mk4 navigation system.

Q. Where is the DVD/CD player - behind the display - where the factory
tape player is?

A. headunit the DVD/CD� player is above the Screen
Q. Where is the ipod connection, and does the unit control the ipod play

A. the iPod connection is from the back of the Unit, we advise running your
iPod lead to the glovebox, allot neater than using the front USB. iPod then
is fully controlled by the headunit.

Q. Does the unit allow tv in motion for tv and DVD?

A. The unit comes TV in motion enabled

------UPDATED 13/07/2010-------

Q. SatNav equipped cars A Pillar's will still need to be removed to allow fitting of the DVB-T antennas?

A. We sell adaptors for the OEM mini aerial connectors�to aftermarket aerials for use with OEM Aerials on Navi Equipped cars. �

Q. 'keeping functions that would normally be lost on an aftermarket head unit swap' - as already mentioned, what 'exactly' does that mean? the current owners of the 16:9 Satnav setup have various computer functions accessed through that system - does what TV in Motion say mean that those 'functions will not be lost'?

A. 'keeping functions does mean not loosing functions. Such as OBC functions. this has been possible for about years on CarPC based integrated navi systems.

Q. The general consensus is that they do NOT have full OBC connectivity and nor do they support the things like consmptn and date time and stopwatch settings etc on the OEM systems?

A.There will be a mass on slaught of "similar"�Chinese units with varying quality and functionality�popping up�everywhere. Caveat emptor (buyer beware)�OUR SYSTEM HAS FULL OBC CONNECTIVITY!!!!

Q. TV in Motion are simply acting as re-sellers at this stage - they don't have the after care or service levels in case of faults or warranty claims?

A. In the UK you have a full 1year warranty with the company you buy from not the manufacturer. Imagine you went to Currys a Samsung re-seller with your 50" Samsung Plasma under warranty and you were given no service, it's the UK not the wild west.�

We have been fixing OEM modules and Navi's for our local BMW dealers for years in house, We have also been fixing electronic sound and lighting equipment in house for over 30years now.�

Q. Although a 12 month warranty is provided by Tv In Motion, any issues arising would take ages to resolve as they'd simply send the unit back to the manufacturer and await their decision etc. That could potentially mean months with no head unit and then being asked to stump up any repair costs etc?

A. Warranty issues are dealt with straigh away by us. You do not have to "Stump up" for warranty repairs. The Joys of an in house Repair Department

Q. Is this a Hualingan / Dynavin / D3 MMI BMW headunit?

A. NO.

T V in Motion. Your main resource for all your Digital TV and multimedia needs. We can supply you with high quality plug and play TV Tuner modules. Our Modules even include advanced features (where available) such as control of the TV through your existing car controls, Listen to the Digital radio while driving and most importantly the ability to watch the TV while on the move.

Digital Hybrid TV tuners are the most important part of unleashing the full potential of your Car multimedia system. Remember the analogue signal will be completely switched off by 2012, and some area's are already completely Digital. Our retrofit kits are of the highest quality and are tested rigorously before being brought to market. This means our systems will not effect your Navigation/speedo like some solutions on the market. Each system is designed specifically to work with your specific car.
TV in motion retrofit kit's allow your passengers to utilise freeveiw TV broadcasts in your car on those long boring journeys, or when stuck in slow moving traffic.

All our TV in motion leads come with high quality OEM connectors, this means you don't need to cut anyn wires or risk loosing your warranty. They are undetectable by car manufacturers diagnostic computers, so no risks of it being reset when the car is serviced.

Read more about us
We can supply Digital TV upgrades for all Makes of cars
BMW TV in motion lead
BMW Headunit Upgrade

BMW E93 M3 headunit
BMW X6 Digital headunit
BMW 130i headunit
BMW 135i headunit
BMW E60 M5 headunit
BMW E90 M3 headunit
BMW E92 M3 headunit
BMW E93 335 headunit
BMW X5 3.0D headunit
BMW E46 16:9 headunit
BMW E52 Z8 headunit
BMW E36/7 Z3 headunit
BMW E39 M5 headunit
BMW E38 headunit
BMW E64 headunit

BMW X5 4.8i headunit
BMW E90 320si headunit
BMW E92 335i headunit
BMW M6 headunit
BMW Z4 Coupe headunit
BMW Z4 M Coupe headunit
BMW Z4 M headunit
BMW Z4 Roadster headunit
BMW 650i headunit
BMW 630i headunit
BMW E63 M6 headunit
BMW E90 330i headunit
BMW 120i headunit

BMW 645 Ci headunit
BMW X3 3.0i headunit
BMW 645 Ci headunit
BMW E60 530i headunit
BMW E65 760i headunit
BMW E66 headunit
BMW Z4 3.0 headunit
BMW E46 320i headunit
BMW E65 740d headunit
BMW E65 745i headunit
BMW E46 M3 headunit
BMW E65 headunit
BMW E53 X5 headunit

Upgrade to Digital in your car today and start enjoying the vast range of channels available all for free

BBC one

BBC TWO itv 1 channel 4 five Dave Ja Vu price-drop tv itv 2 BBC three BBC FOUR
itv 3 sky3


QVC channel 4 +1 MORE 4


Virgin1 itv 4 E4

ideal WORLD

E4 +1 itv 2 +1 FILM 4 Five USA fiver Virgin1+1 bid tv Quest S4/C


CBeebies BBC PARLIAMENT Citv teachers tv 4 MUSIC VIVA BBC RED BUTTON skytext NHS Direct


BBC NEWS cbbc SKY NEWS SKY SPORTS NEWS CNN International S4/C 2 Russia Today community channel Big Deal


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