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Mazda Video input module

Mazda video input
Product: NAV-INMAZ
Manufacturer: MAZDA

Video input for integration of any aftermarket products (e.g. DVD player) with the factory navigation System.
■ Two Video Inputs
■ Auto Video Switching
■ PAL & NTSC Compatible
■ Analogue & Digital Compatible
■ Any aftermarket source added via this interface will function while the vehicle is in motion (passenger use only)
■ Compatible with: Any Mazda with separate navigation computer


Our Price : £269.99
Mazda video input
TV in Motion. Your main resource for all your TV in motion and multimedia needs. We can supply you with high quality plug and play TV in motion modules. Our Modules even include advanced features (where available) such as control of the TV through your steering wheel, Listen to the Radio/CD while watching TV and most importantly the ability to switch the module off from your OEM navigation unit.

TV in motion is the most important part of unleashing the full potential of your Car multimedia system. Our TV in motion leads are of the highest quality and are tested rigorously before being brought to market. This means our leads will not effect your Navigation/speedo like some solutions on the market.
TV in motion allows your passengers to utilise the TV in your car on those long boring journeys, or when stuck in slow moving traffic.

All our TV in motion leads come with high quality OEM connectors, this means you don't need to cut anyn wires or risk loosing your warranty. They are undetectable by car manufacturers diagnostic computers, so no risks of it being reset when the car is serviced.

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We can supply TV in motion leads for all Makes of cars



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